About Us

YrGrid is the idea released by people who have vast experience in virtual worlds and who always wanted to create their own world. A place where freedom and the limits of your imagination isn't questioned, and the platform that will offer you the best quality and service.

The YrGrid team is made of many folks spread out all over the world, living in different countries and cultures. We find this to be our advantage as we try to gather all the differences into one place: YrGrid.

This project is fully supported by the following companies:

Universe International Develop Limited (Hong Kong)

Fantasy Technology Group Limited (Macau)

Working on the performance of the grid takes a lot of time, patience and work. In future we will present to you each member of the YrGrid team, but at this point we can assure you that this new world wouldn’t be here if not for you. If not for the effort of folks such as you helping to make YrGrid achieve its goal of making our grid Yours.where you can build, meet, share interests, share your imagination, dreams, make a business, or anything else that comes to your mind and is within the limits of your desires.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy spending time in YrGrid and thank you for helping us make our dream become a worldwide dream.

YrGrid Team