With each membership plan there is a set allotment of land in which you can use free of charge to you. The size allowed to be used free of charge is set by which premium membership package you choose. You can view the allotment size by clicking on Account then Membership to view the (sqm) for each package. If you wish to purchase more land in addition to your allotment there will be an extra monthly fee.

Premium Member Status

You account will show as being of Premium Member status. Meaning in the box that Resident under status that would now say Premium Member. This will do 2 things. 1. It will show users that you are a premium member, with more perks than a standard member. 2. If will show that you have your payment information on file with YrGrid, so you are an actual person.

Increased Group Size

You will have access to be active in more groups, the standard number of groups that you can join is 25, the number of groups that you can join as a premium member will be 50. You will not have to choose again which group you will need to drop in order to join another group.

Increased Offline Message Capacity

Offline messages are capped at 25, as a premium member that number will be increased to 50. This will reduce the chances of you missing an important offline message, not getting sent to you due to your messages being capped.

Weekly Stipend

You will receive a weekly stipend of uBTC paid directly to you each week to spend as you choose. Under the Membership tab in your Account Settings, it will show the stipend that will be paid to you each month. This monthly stipend will be broke up into 4 weekly payments to be paid on Tuesday of each week. The amount paid each week could vary depending on the value of BTC at the time of stipend delivery.