YrGrid Functions

YrGrid Functions

We have crafted special functions unique to YrGrid that will help enhance your development:

string osGetProfileInfo(key userKey, string property)

Use this method to get profile data for avatars in the grid. The first argument is a user's key, the second is the desired property you want returned as a string. Valid properties are: PROFILE_IMG, PROFILE_ABOUT, PROFILE_WEB_URL, PROFILE_FIRSTLIFE_IMG, PROFILE_FIRSTLIFE, and PROFILE_PARTNER.

float osGetBitcoinRate(string currency)

Use this method to return the current bitcoin exchange rate as a float for the given currency. This is much more memory efficient and less error prone than an llHTTPRequest. Supported currencies are: USD, ISK, HKD, TWD, CHF, EUR, DKK, CLP, CAD, CNY, THB, AUD, SGD, KRW, JPY, PLN, GBP, SEK, NZD, BRL, and RUB.

vector osGetColorFromName(string color)

Use this method to convert the name of a color into a color vector for script use. Supported colors are: AliceBlue, AntiqueWhite, Aqua, Aquamarine, Azure, Beige, Bisque, Black, BlanchedAlmond, Blue, BlueViolet, Brown, BurlyWood, CadetBlue, Chartreuse, Chocolate, Coral, CornflowerBlue, Cornsilk, Crimson, Cyan, DarkBlue, DarkCyan, DarkGoldenrod, DarkGray, DarkGreen, DarkKhaki, DarkMagenta, DarkOliveGreen, DarkOrange, DarkOrchid, DarkRed, DarkSalmon, DarkSeaGreen, DarkSlateBlue, DarkSlateGray, DarkTurquoise, DarkViolet, DeepPink, DeepSkyBlue, DimGray, DodgerBlue, Firebrick, FloralWhite, ForestGreen, Fuchsia, Gainsboro, GhostWhite, Gold, Goldenrod, Gray, Green, GreenYellow, Honeydew, HotPink, IndianRed, Indigo, Ivory, Khaki, Lavender, LavenderBlush, LawnGreen, LemonChiffon, LightBlue, LightCoral, LightCyan, LightGoldenrodYellow, LightGreen, LightGray, LightPink, LightSalmon, LightSeaGreen, LightSkyBlue, LightSlateGray, LightSteelBlue, LightYellow, Lime, LimeGreen, Linen, Magenta, Maroon, MediumAquamarine, MediumBlue, MediumOrchid, MediumPurple, MediumSeaGreen, MediumSlateBlue, MediumSpringGreen, MediumTurquoise, MediumVioletRed, MidnightBlue, MintCream, MistyRose, Moccasin, NavajoWhite, Navy, OldLace, Olive, OliveDrab, Orange, OrangeRed, Orchid, PaleGoldenrod, PaleGreen, PaleTurquoise, PaleVioletRed, PapayaWhip, PeachPuff, Peru, Pink, Plum, PowderBlue, Purple, Red, RosyBrown, RoyalBlue, SaddleBrown, Salmon, SandyBrown, SeaGreen, SeaShell, Sienna, Silver, SkyBlue, SlateBlue, SlateGray, Snow, SpringGreen, SteelBlue, Tan, Teal, Thistle, Tomato, Turquoise, Violet, Wheat, White, WhiteSmoke, Yellow, YellowGreen

list mathFibonacci(integer point, integer length)

This method returns a fibonacci sequence from a given point and of the given length.

vector mathVecMultiply(vector a, vector b)

This method multiplies one vector by another.

vector mathVecDivide(vector a, vector b)

This method divides one vector by another.

vector mathVecFloor(vector)

This method floors all axis in the specified vector.

vector mathVecRound(vector)

This method rounds all axis in the specified vector.

vector mathVecCeil(vector)

This method ceil's all axis in the specified vector.

vector mathVecMin(vector a, vector b)

This method ensures that all axis in vector a are no larger than in vector b.

vector mathVecMax(vector a, vector b)

This method ensures that all axis in vector a are no smaller than in vector b.

float mathVecVolume(vector)

This method assumes the vector is the dimensions of a box and calculates its volume.

Additionally, the following math constants are implemented: