General questions

What is YrGrid?

YrGrid is a project made by a team of young, ambitious, open minded people. Our vision is to create a new 3D virtual world that can provide you the maximum freedom to create and explore. You can easily build your own world and create dream fantasy.

This project is fully supported by the following companies: Universe International Develop Limited (Hong Kong), Fantasy Technology Group Limited (Macau).

Are There Age Restrictions For Using YrGrid?

By logging into YrGrid you are agreeing and certifying that you are 18 + years of age.

Can I Have Multiple Accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts in YrGrid.

Can I Use The Same Name I Have In Other Grids?

You can use the same name only if it is available, not taken by another user. Therefore, the sooner you register to YrGrid the better chances that the name you wanted is available

How Do I Uninstall YrGrid From My Windows PC

Windows 10 Users

1. Click on Start > Settings > System > Apps & features (Please Allow Time For Your Installed Programs To Load)

2. Click on the Sort by Size drop down menu and select Sort by name

3. Scroll down and find YrGrid then click the application name you should then get an Uninstall option below that. Click on that and the uninstaller will pop up click on Uninstall.

Windows 7 Users

1. Click on Start then find Control Panel.

2. Once in control panel look under programs for Uninstall a program and click on that to bring up Add/Remove Programs.

3. Find YrGrid in the list and select Uninstall then followed by clicking on Uninstall when the uninstaller pops up.

Can I Use Any Viewer For YrGrid

You can download the latest version of our viewer:

If you prefer to use a viewer like Alchemy, Firestorm, or Singularity, please set the login URL as:
You must use the viewers grid manager to create a new opensim login, then paste the above link in the Login URL box, then click Refresh Login URL this will update the login URL, then click Apply, then Ok.

Is YrGrid on the Hypergrid?


You can travel to and from YrGrid freely. You can even link to us!

The URL to travel or link to us is:


If you visit us from another grid, things you acquire here will only work here.